Saturday, January 14, 2017

Time To Get Back To Work

That's it. The holidays are over. The lights are down. The tree is packed up. No more nutcracker statues on the fireplace and no more excuses for why I'm not writing.
It's time to buckle down and plan this year's novel.
I've finished the Ghost Protector Trilogy so I'm looking to do something completely new. I've been toying with two ideas. One has dragons and come on dragons are always great; the other has a descendant of Medusa trying to break the family curse.
Brainstorming must ensue.
I have one more week in my self appointed deadline to decide and then I need to outline and start the story. Wish me luck?

New Short Story Available In The World Of The Ghost Protector Trilogy

I've added a short story to the Complete Trilogy edition of the Ghost Protector Trilogy on Amazon. The story isn't available anywhere else. If you've got Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.

Available here: