What is the correct order to read The Ghost Protector Trilogy?

Book 1: Ghost Of A Chance
Book 2: Ghost Of A Smile
Book 3: Ghost Of A Memory

Do you have suggested book club discussion questions available?

Yes. They can be found here. They are broken out by book title.

Is Zhong Kui a real person? Did you make Zhong Kui up?

Zhong Kui is a real figure in Chinese mythology. Legend has it that he traveled to the capitol to take the Imperial Examinations to win a place as advisor to the Emperor. He was rejected due to a birthmark on his face. It was seen as a sign of evil. In despair, he committed suicide by throwing himself off the building. The myth says he was then taken in by the Hell King--ruler of the dead--and made his right hand man.
You can find his wiki here.
I stumbled onto the myth of Zhong Kui while researching something else and I became fascinated with it. Here was a proud, intelligent, passionate figure that did something drastic that he could never take back and this changed the fate of thousands.
Ultimately I based the entire trilogy around that legend.

Does Ghost Of A Chance (Smile, Memory)  contain any violence, swearing or sex?

Ghost Of A Chance has some mild violence and references to rape. Mild language.
Ghost Of A Smile does add a love interest but there is no sex. Includes mild language and mild violence.
Ghost Of A Memory has some mild violence and mild language. No sex scenes but does contain references to sex.

Why do some of your books have different covers? Are they the same book?

A couple of my books have two different versions of their covers. It has to do with the rights and the distributors. They are the same book with the same content.

Do any of your books end in cliffhangers?

No. I am not a fan of the cliffhanger as a reader so I don't do it as a writer.

Where can I buy your books?

See my list of books here. It includes links to several places to buy them in ebook or paperback. (Things Every Goddess Should Know is also available as an audiobook at Amazon and Audible.com.)

What books have you written?

See my list of books here. It includes brief descriptions and links to samples.

Where can I find you?

See my contact page here.

Where can I find out more about EJ?

You can find my Awesome Gang author interview here.
You can find my Shh I Am Reading author interview here.

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