Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Employees Appreciate Small Gestures

Today my boss gave me a wall calendar. I was surprised and pleased. It's a relatively small thing for him. He probably paid $7 for it and wrote it off as a business expense but it put a smile on my face. Here's why.

Every year a vendor comes in and gives us all desk blotter/desktop calendars--the huge ones that you put under your keyboard and write on. I never take one because I don't like having it across my desk. I always wait until a week or so into the new year and buy myself a wall calendar off the discount rack. This year the boss went out and bought desktop calendars for the employees that usually get one. He also brought me a wall calendar. One I had not asked for nor mentioned. When he handed it to me, he said, "Here I got this because I know you prefer the wall ones." As simple as that and as cheap as that and I felt appreciated and acknowledged. Small gestures matter.

P.S. My boss has since come back and taken the calendar back stating he needs it for the break room. And yes, I'm probably unreasonably annoyed by that. Small things matter.