Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Angel Snippet

Once upon a time, Angels walked-or rather flew-proudly amongst us. But the humans grew to hate them for their closeness to God, and their beauty, and their ability to soar through the skies that became their only refuge from the human hoards. 
But no Angel can fly forever. 
Some, like Michael, could fight and fight well and fight long, but the humans were like vermin. One on one, they posed no challenge, but they would come in swarms that took down lesser Angels. 
Even Michael and Rafael needed to set down sometimes, needed a rest between the fighting and the killing. 
And so the humans slowly destroyed the Angels while their God did nothing. 
Once the Archangels fell, the Seraphim weren't far behind, and the Cherubs had no chance. 
In desperation, the remaining Angels sliced off their own wings, giving up the glory of the skies in a desperate bid for survival. They hid amongst the humans and over time, as all creatures do, found comfort where they could. 
And so a new race was born, part Angel, part human and wholly hated by all.