Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dealing With Inappropriate Touching

Some people have no boundaries. Others are just trying to push those boundaries. The result is often the same. You end up with some one's hand somewhere you do not want it to be; somewhere that makes you uncomfortable.

This is a common problem for pregnant women. Strangers come up and put their hands on the baby bump oohing and ahhing over how wonderful it is. It becomes as though any baby is public property; even before they leave your womb.

Where you are and what the circumstances are do have a lot to do with how you can or should react.  First, you do not have to put up with any one putting their hands on you.  If possible, you can simply step back.  You could smile politely and say, "I am sorry. Have we met?". Should that not work, give them a dirty look or a regal one down your nose and say something along the lines of "I have not given you permission to touch me" or "Would you like it if a complete stranger walked up and started rubbing your belly?"

People also experience this in clubs. Let me paint a scenario for you. You are a young woman hanging out at the club and a man comes up and cozies up against you and puts his hand on your hip or butt. Maybe you are completely against this. Maybe you find the guy interesting but are not comfortable with that level of intimacy yet.

If you are interested but just not quite to that level, you can pick up his hand and hold it in your own.  This indicates that he should not put his hand there but it also says that you are interested.  You should smile as you do this.

If you are not interested, simply remove his hand with a pointed look or step back away from it.

Always try the quiet option first. This lets you avoid escalating things but if that does not work, I would feel free to glare and demand that they release you.  You are not required to allow anyone to touch you no matter how innocuous it seems.

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