Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Buy Some Art

Buy some art. I don't mean spend all of your money on Picasso paintings. I mean have something around you that is beautiful or thought provoking or makes you cry or scares you.  You get to decide what is beautiful; what makes you think.

Get it from flea markets or yard sales. Pick up sculptures or paintings at art schools.  Find things on Ebay or at Target. If you don't have the money, spend the time.  Only pick things that speak to you.

Do not try to pick based on what you think would look nice on the wall or table. Do not pick what is sophisticated or grown up. Hang a Star Trek collage on your wall or a Monet. As long as it speaks to you.

If you are artistic, make it yourself.

It is not about the cost of the item. I'm not talking about making an investment in your financial future. I am talking about making an investment in your soul.

Your soul needs beauty. It needs something that provokes a reaction. It needs to feel something.  Art is the best way to do that.

It can be one incredible piece that grabs you every time you see it or it can be a series of pieces. It can be something that sparks a story or a memory in your mind.

The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai is one of my favorites. I have a tribute painted by an artist I know upstairs right now.

I have a print of a Chinese landscape painting. I spent $5 on it at a yard sale and $20 to get it matted and framed. It hung on my bedroom door for years.  My husband's favorite painting is an oil that we bought already framed for $8 at a yard sale. 

Do not let money stop you from finding what speaks to you. If you have the money, spend it or don't but if you do not have much money, do not let that stop you from finding something that touches your heart and soul.

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