Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa Is Not The Only One Who Can Give Presents

I remember hearing a story about a young family. It was Christmas morning and Mom and Dad had spent hundreds of dollars on presents for the child. The child eagerly jumped in to open and exclaim over all of the presents from Santa. After opening a bunch of packages the child looked around and said, "Mommy and Daddy, did you not get me a present?"

I can not even imagine the chagrin those young parents must have felt. They had worked so hard and spent so much money and in the end, all of the credit went to Santa. A fact that would probably have been fine except the child thought Mommy and Daddy had not bothered.

Ever since I heard this story, I have thought that every parent should save the very best present--the one that the child has been salivating over--and don't have that one be from Santa. Take the number one gift and write out the tag to say it is from Mommy or Daddy or whatever your child calls you. I know the point of Christmas presents is to make your child happy but why does that mean you can't get some of the credit and the joy yourself? You worked hard. Go ahead and put your name on it.

Why should Santa get all of the credit? Why shouldn't your child get a gift that they know came from you?

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