Monday, March 14, 2016

Relieved? Not yet.

Ghost Of A Smile comes out tomorrow (3-15-16). I wish I could say I'm relieved. The book is done and it's live. I can wipe my hands and call it a day.
It seems like the quest for marketing and reviews is never over. You can't sell books without reviews and you have to get your book into people's hands before they can possibly review it. Plus you need to have a good amount of reviews before the popular promo sites will take you.
It's kind of a vicious cycle. I need reviews to get sales but it's hard to get reviews until you've had sales.
I've been contacting tons of review sites and bloggers/reviewers to get them to look at Ghost Of A Chance (book one). I must have it out to fifty reviewers.
Then I also have book three to finish-Ghost Of A Memory. (I do seem to love punny titles.)
I guess I'm going through one of those time periods where I feel like I'm slogging through mud trying to get anywhere.
No way past it but through it.
So I'll trudge on and hope to find some high ground.
Wish me luck.

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