Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Would I Do That?

I don't consider myself a reviewer. I review some things--mostly books on Goodreads. I do put some reviews up on Amazon but I'm hardly a top reviewer. I think my reviewer rank is around 350,000.

Despite this, I just got an email from a company that makes virtual reality headsets asking me to review their headphones. They'll even give me a discount code to get them 40% off. So I should buy your product for $16.99 plus tax plus shipping and then write you a review?


There is nothing in the email that suggests any benefit this product would give me. It's not being offered to me for free in exchange for the review. It's not a product I have demonstrated any interest in. So why would I give you my money to do you the favor of reviewing your product? There is also not a single please or thank you in the email; something I think should be present in any request for assistance.

I would consider looking at something offered for free in exchange for my honest opinion. (I offer most of my books as free ebooks in exchange for honest reviews.) It would have to be something that I was interested in anyway or could use. You would get my honest opinion--good or bad. I'm not going to consider buying something and yet owing you a review. That's not how buying things works. If I give you money and you give me the item, our interaction is done. If I choose to review it beyond that, it is entirely up to me.

I'll give them this. They are bold. And sometimes you have to be bold to get ahead. Just go be bold some place else.

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