Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Putting out a book teaches you a lot about how different people are and how differently they view the world. At least it did for me.

Here are some examples:

My writing prompts book received two reviews on the same day. The first said the prompts were too short and therefore pretty useless. They needed to be longer; to have some meat to them. The second reviewer loved them. They said the quick little prompts gave them lots of room to expand and explore without hemming them in. Same exact book. Two very different reactions.

The first book in my paranormal fantasy trilogy was described by one reader as being a slow exploration of death and family. Another described it as a quick paced fun read. If you read those reviews individually, would you even think they were for the same book?

I had no idea going in how very differently the same book could be received by different people. I don't just mean that some people liked it and some didn't. I mean the reasons, the perspectives.

I guess it makes sense. We are all unique people with unique experiences that color our worlds. I just didn't realize how wildly that can vary.

Even when are all in the same place, we took very different routes to get there.

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