Sunday, July 13, 2014

5 More Youtube Videos Worth Seeing

Teaser for upcoming Nightwing Series.

This is a fan made miniseries that is going straight to Youtube. Filming has finished and they are working on the special effects. I love Nightwing as a character and I love the passion and effort that went into making this.

Two Cellos play Smooth Criminal

Two very enthusiastic cellists demonstrate what happens when you let go and have a little fun with your playing.

Shots of Awe  "Love is the Greatest Pain"

This is a very short video; only 2 or 3 minutes. It has beautiful imagery and in the end makes me a little sad.

Pandas Learning How To Use A Slide

What else is there to say? Adorable pandas learning the joy of using the slide.

Epic Rap Battles of History  (Newton vs Nye)

If Sir Isaac Newton and Bill Nye the Science Guy met and used rap to decide who was the better scientist. I would recommend checking out other rap battles as well such as Key and Peele's Ghandi vs Martin Luther King Jr.

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