Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sometimes You Have To Move To Move On

Any one who has ever been told to just let it go or to get over it knows that it is not nearly that easy. Some times you are faced every day with reminders. You see your ex at the grocery store or the person who got your promotion every day at work. The adult grown up thing to do is get over it but inside we are all children in some way.

Some times the most adult responsible thing is not what you need to do to heal and move on.

Some times you need to do the childish thing and get away from it.

Maybe your ex invited you to their wedding. You don't want to seem bitter or like you are not over them so you force your self to go. Don't do it. There is nothing wrong with refusing to put yourself through it.

Maybe you live in a small town and the object of your misery crosses your path constantly. If it hurts you, then there is nothing wrong with leaving.

You can change gyms, change jobs or even addresses if that is what your heart needs. I'm not saying to screw up your future by leaving a good job or your dream home. I am saying to think about whether you are happy there. Do you really like that gym or have you just always gone there? Does that job suit you or is it just a paycheck?

Maybe you need to look for another job or another apartment. Maybe you need to give yourself permission to move where you are in your life so you can move on in your heart.

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