Monday, August 24, 2015

A Promise Should Always Be Kept

I have a big problem with broken promises. I admit it is partly my own personal history so some may say that I bring my own personal baggage to it but I don't think that it makes a broken promise any better.
If you promise to do something, you should do so with the full intention of carrying through. If you only think you can do it, than say so. If you have no intention of doing it, then say so.
"I promise" should be a sworn oath. It should mean something. It should stand on its own and stand tall.
Things happen sometimes. Life intrudes. Mistakes happen and sometimes through no fault of your own, you can not complete or keep your promise. That is different. That is understandable.
What drives me to distraction is those people that use promise when they mean maybe or say promise but then break that promise because they just did not feel like following through or because there wasn't enough in it for them. Whether the promise is flat out spoken or heavily implied--for example, yes, I will do that or yes, you can do that--it is still a promise.
Don't break you promise.
Don't be that person.
Don't be that inconsiderate, selfish, obnoxious person.
Be the kind of person that your word is solid. Your word has weight and meaning and depth. Let your grave stone list you as a person who could always be relied upon. I can think of no better epitaph than to be a good person who could be relied upon.

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