Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dead In The Water by Hailey Edwards

Dead in the Water (Gemini #1)Dead in the Water by Hailey Edwards
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'd have to say 3 1/2, maybe 3 1/4 stars?
I read this book through KU and I had planned to give this book four stars right up until the ending. I enjoyed the character of Cam. Being a gemini was an unusual choice in the world of paranormal fantasy and I enjoy variety. There were a lot of different types of fae presented which made it feel like a fully realized world--though a bit overloaded with creatures at times. Cam's grief over Lori gave the book a depth and gravity to it right from the beginning. (Not a light hearted read.)
There were a few editing mistakes in the book "so" instead of "no"; "me" instead of "be". They were minor.
I was not a big fan of this romance subplot (and I usually enjoy romance subplots) because I'm not a big fan of having the love interest behave the way this guy did. I don't think he crossed a line they can't come back from but I do think he went too far.
I was not happy with the resolution of the story because I don't really feel like it had one.
I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger because our heroine was not left with a gun to her head but major things were left unresolved. A character (one I liked) is missing under bloody circumstances. Cam believes the bad guy they caught was just a vessel and this is confirmed by two murders after it. I would have felt better about the ending without those last two murders. If she just suspected it wasn't the guy, it would be more of an ending. Being given proof it's not the guy and he's still killing and then ending the book anyway? That seemed like a bad way to do it. That left the major case open. An ending needs to feel like this chapter of their life is closing and that just didn't happen here. Cam is getting on a plane to go continue working the same case and find the missing character. How is that not cliffhangerish? How is that a resolution?
Overall, a good story. Understand that to resolve this, you must be prepared to read the next one which comes out 4/26/16

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