Monday, April 11, 2016

Win A Free Copy Of My Writing Prompts Book
Win A Free Copy

Amazon Giveaways this month include my writing prompts book, Daily Writing Prompts To Spur Creativity: 365 Writing Prompts To Help You Get Started. You can enter to win a free ebook copy here. No purchase necessary. (April 8th through May 8th, 2016.)

You do not need to own a Kindle to read the ebook. Amazon has a free cloud reader app that you can use on any computer or smartphone.

Sample prompts include:

Write a scene between a young man and his sentient car after he decides to take a cab on a date.

Your character shifts into a chicken but can't control it.

Zombies come out to society and fight for equal rights.

You come home and find your spouse in bed with a pigeon, a bowl of spaghetti and your favorite shirt. Describe the conversation.

You find a red hair in your bed and you are blond.

Good luck. Enter here.

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