Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Videos

Because in life it is important to have fun and be informed, here are some of my favorite Youtube videos.

1) Literal Music Video-- Total Eclipse of the Heart
What if music videos told us what was actually going on?  I love this one because it embraces the randomness of music videos and runs with it.

2) Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News raps "Baby Got Back"

I can't help but think the people at the Late Show have too much time on their hands but I love what they did with it. They pasted together clips from NBC Nightly News until Brian Williams is rapping.

3) Solar Freakin Roadways

What if the roads we travelled on were also our source of energy? I love the idea of roads that we don't have to plow. Roads that make energy.  And the announcer gets so excited that it is fun to watch.

4) My Body Belongs To Me

A video for kids to help warn them about sexual abuse. I do not love this one the way I love the other videos but I love that some one made it and I hope it is helping kids.

5) Dumb Ways To Die

This is a train safety video but it makes me laugh. I had no idea that cute little cartoon characters could find so many dumb ways to die.

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