Sunday, July 19, 2015

Getting To Audio

     After weeks of back and forth--months if you count picking a narrator--I clicked the final submit button on the audiobook version of Things Every Goddess Should Know. The final audio is off to ACX for approval. This is my first attempt at an  audiobook so I have no idea how long this process will take or what to expect from them. The website says it will be anything from 3 to 10 days for approval and then 10 to 15 business days until the audiobook starts showing up on places like Audible or iTunes. It makes it hard to decide on things like asking reviewers to listen to the book. ACX is going to give me copies to pass out to reviewers but not until everything is settled and I don't know when that will be.
     In many ways, this is a giant experiment. Can my book capture the attention of audiobook audiences? I am proud of it and believe it is full of great advice but will anyone else think so? Will they like my choice in narrator? Is it worth putting my other nonfiction titles on audio? Should I focus instead on getting my fiction books into print? And by focus, I mean get them ready to be released at all? I currently have 4 fiction manuscripts in the draft stage in my computer and/or desk drawer and I am working on another one. It drives my husband a little crazy that I have not done much of anything with them.
    I guess I just have to wait and see on the audiobook and whittle away at the fiction books. I like to know things though. I like time tables or rough estimates. I like to know what is coming and what is expected of me. If someone could show me the path, I would follow it but it seems instead that I will continue to stumble forward, metaphorical flashlight in hand waiting to see what is coming.

The audiobook was sent back by ACX as not meeting their requirements for sound quality so it is back to my narrator/producer to correct.
I'm not big on uncertainty so it can be hard for me to wait in limbo for an answer but I know that some times waiting is just a part of life so wait I will. Hopefully not for long.

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